Thursday, 27 June 2013


Holy places of pilgrimage strikingly posing like the remains of a deadly battle, Corpses afloat in the sacred river waters,  Stranded people everywhere,  Rice and Roti being sold at completely in-human prices.  The Helpless government coping up with the job of helping the helpless people, The ever un-lit heroes raising-up to the brave task once again, Those innocent people having a strong delusion of the existence of the almighty, The justifiable questions having no proper answers. All these are a cumulative collections of the much happening part of today‘s India. The Tsunami’s had done this earlier, The Gujarat quakes much before that. This act of god never demands an explanation nor can it be given a fitting one.

Now, Indian politics never fails to put up a great show. And here it is in full swing:

 Mr. Modi is busy  carrying out the Rambo act saving only the Gujarati’s, which is because the congress ruling Uttrakandh’s  CM refuses to accept the rescue helicopters sent by the BJP-ian. And let me make it clear, I am not here supporting BJP or Modi here. I am pretty much sure that they too (BJP’S) would have done the same thing, if say, the floods had occurred in Gujarat. They never have in mind they are Ind-ian’s at the first place. They are politicians, they should never have those feelings.

The silenced headman does what he does best; maintaining the prolonged silence. I hope you would have guessed by now the person I am talking about. The act of condemning an incident is what they all do so damn perfectly, and rightly so is the case here too.

 Ooh !  Common yaar, this is Indian politics. What else do you expect?  

 These men deserve much more than a salute. I don’t know what, but they do deserve something better. The brave acts they pull off to save people they never have met before is nothing but pure love for humanity. Their efforts have always been right up there and they deserve total respect for that alone.The exceptional people in our country are never given the right place they deserve. Be it the farmers who sow and reap under the hot sun, or the jawaans who live out the icy nights camping in virgin lands to protect the million fellow countrymen. They are never given the right place.

The media glare is slowly fading out of this entire issue and they are busy focusing on the humiliating defeat of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federrer and Maria Sharapova, The downfall of the Indian rupee, The  bizarre decision of DMK garnering the support of the congress for the upcoming Rajya Sabha polls and many more.

 Slowly people will start to forget the Uttrakandh floods which is very natural. No matter what, life just has to move on. Before just forgetting and moving forward, one has to imagine for a few minutes the life of all those homeless and landless people.  Even there, life just has to move on. But it is easier said than done. This is where the real help must be given. There are several out there lending out financial help and NGO’s doing the manly service. If not all those, let us at least pray and wish for them a prosperous life and try being human!  


  1. Each of the Indian Cricket team members get Rupees 1crore.. At the same time, the army people who did the rescue operation get 4 rotis and not an extra one.... Not blaming cricket! :) Leave the country.. let those people rule themselves. (y)