Monday, 22 July 2013


Read E-mails, Post, like, comment and chat on facebook, Tweet to the world and get to know what the world tweets, Skim through the newspapers without actually having one in your hands, run miles and miles and miles and miles by performing just a mere swish of your finger, know the scores, get to know the happenings in  this ever-evolving world. Empowered with the 3G tech and making never imaginable things  possible on that tiny little (Okay, most of the time it’s big) Smart phone of yours. All this is possible, not only because of the courtly cultivated smart phones of today and the blindingly fast 3G network. There is one another major player apart from them, who has made all of this a reality. And that player is named “ANDROID”.

I really can’t, even in the wildest of my dreams predict or foresee, what all I’ll possess, a good twenty years from now. My father never even knew there would be a thing like mobile phones in the future. Common yaar, “How will you carry something as big as a phone (landline) in your pocket??” would have been his immediate thought. Having a landline gave people so much pride amongst their neighbors. It was all banished one fine day, when The ‘Ambani brothers’, the revolutionary men, decided to sell cell-phones the size of a mere visiting card, for a mouth dropping 500 bucks. And like all other successful business biographies this too has got this unanimous last line - “the rest is history”. Almost every single person had a mobile soon. The cell-phone era had just begun. And I guess I was in 5th or 6th grade when all of this happened. So this is how generations have grown- Drastically.  

Travelling with this trend, Some genius, somewhere, had ideas unlike my dad and yours and thus we are having in our hands what are called Smart phones (I was very lazy to google out the inventor of Smart phones, if you by chance know him, then he is that genius I am talking about) This is where our major player comes in. This small green colored droid makes wonders happen to that little device of yours and as a result, it addicts people to it, lures them and bounds them. That’s what technology is doing. Maybe they named it ‘android’ with a cunning wit. Android actually means, robot with a human appearance. The pun here is, we human are those robots. And that’s because, most of us do exactly what it wants us to do; “Use them”. Rightly so, we use them so very well and indeed let us being used by “I don’t know who”. But we all know one thing for sure, We have made android an instant hit.

Of course, it has its own share of advantages. Every technology has. The sad part though is that mostly the disadvantages somehow or the other manages to take over the advantages. The technology is in no way responsible for such an occurrence. It’s we who are making this happen knowing that it is very much happening. If you are someone who owns a smart phone and you are in no way addicted to it, meaning

Ø  You can very well live without your smart phone for just one single day.
Ø  You don’t carry it always with you, wherever you go (if you just know what place I actually mean here)
Ø  You don’t check it every half an hour for a notification from facebook.
Ø  You don’t just take it out of your pocket, unlock it and lock it again, without knowing for what fu*king reason you just did that.

I think satisfying these four conditions will undoubtedly qualify you for the non-addicted list. If you are one such, then, Hats off to you, you are one of a kind.I am pretty sure the ‘non-addicted’ list will have very poor numbers.I personally believe that there is only one way to become a non-addict. And that is, not trying out a smart phone at all in the first place, not even once.

So getting back to the majority addicted fellow mates, to make our life’s much more worse,  there are new mobile phone companies cropping up almost every day. Thanks to Indian politics, At last you have managed to inspire someone. What does a confused humanoid (that’s us) do something at this stage?  
The answer is, ”just sit back and wait till some genius invents something much cooler than this ;)”

Till that stay addicted, or try inventing the cooler one !!

Cheers ;) 

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