Saturday, 14 December 2013

She knows it all....

The time was dusk and the sun was going to perform it’s duty to the other half of the world very punctually as usual. The waves seemed a bit more aggressive than normal and increased it’s aggression as it lost the sun. The sky was bright orange in color, and the colors just scattering away unevenly to give out the dark. The distant ships moving slower than the oldest tortoise and the birds above flying swiftly back home. One another hot sunny day of the monsoon is in the verge of ending. This scene is being witnessed by people from every walk of life. Some people come here without any thoughts and walk back with their heads full, Some people come for joy, Some for sorrow, Some for anger, Some for failure, Some for silence, Some for the air, Some just for a good ride, Some for love and Some even without any specific reason. This place has seen everyone, right from the richest of rich to the poorest of poor.

Just imagine how much she knows ……. she knows that giving lakhs and lakhs of money to a single engineering seat is a total waste and she also knows that people get to know this damn simple straightforward truth only a year after they end up paying that voluptuous amount and never before. Perhaps she even knew about the placement eye wash. Arrrghh!! GOD, A guy today feels on top of the world bagging an IT job which pays him three lakhs per annum. He feels he has at last been recognized for his hard work in learning mechanical engineering for the past four years. Now just hold your breath here, he gets fired at the end of his second year in job, and that is when this great truth dawns on his mind; He has paid six lakhs in cash and four “never-coming-back” years of his life to do what ?? Yes, To earn back the six lakhs his dad paid four years ago. She knows all……

She even knows the exact bank balance of the country’s top most political big-wig, whose house would most probably be facing the sea, somewhere along her long shore. Today’s corruption,the people’s mindset, just almost everything. She also knew for sure that congress would have never won the Delhi elections. Ahh!! That was a cake walk prediction. Almost everyone knew that, even the congress. But even she herself was a little taken aback when congress offered it’s support to the AAP (This, I personally guess, even the congress dint know, till some MP spoke it out without his own knowledge). She has seen all of these dirty politics for years after years. She cried and wept, when her own sons were brutally killed right on her very own lap. She was surging up with anger and could not accept the fact that the tragedy was caused by the same kind (humans). She never understood how the game of politics worked out, where innocent men get killed for selfish reasons of a very few people. She just watched all of this….

She knows that Indian cricket performs drastically well only when it is playing in India. It also knows that people curse the players for their embarrassing ‘away’ loss and forget it the next moment they win a series at home. She is also quite sure that we are never going to win any hockey tournament in the immediate future except maybe if Shah Rukh Khan goes on to make a “Chak-de 2”, or if Rajnikanth decides to play hockey.

She knows that the purest love is that of a mother to her child. She also knows all the just- for- say words of love of others to “woo” and get “wooed”. She knows the love of an old man for his wife.She knows the people’s love for money. She knows the value of money. She knows it’s completely valueless. But she senses that everything happening around is just for this valueless piece of something. And do you know how she knows all this?

It’s because she has laughed with the happy beggar, wept along with the multi-millionaire, lived along with the cherished memories of the dying man and slept listening to the lullaby of a mother.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Are we on a high?

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Dark sky, deserted road, dim street lights, dull stars, slight drizzles, two pairs of legs walking hastily wanting to get back home as soon as possible. There is just this occasional swish of vehicles and the gentle touch of the drizzling rain water blended with the cold wind. The desperate eyes of the ageing man look through those old-fashioned spectacles in shear hope of hailing an auto or bus to head home straightaway. All this tensity and tautness is because of this beautiful young girl by his side, his daughter. The nervousness of the old man is that of every single father in this world.

They are pretty late and they are very much aware of it. The gorgeous girl has this instinctive sense of safety shimmering in her eyes. The presence of her childhood hero right beside her gives her the strength, but the fact that she is no more in her childhood, keeps sending a chill down her spine. Time is moving at snail’s pace and the road ahead looks ever ending.

The beaming headlight of a fast approaching car passes them, comes to a halt and returns back. The stench of booze and cigar fill the air. Fear builds up along with tension and sweating accompanies. They continue to walk as fast as their legs could. The car moves along, keeping pace and the men inside start to verbalise filthy comments on the girl. As feared, the men get down and start walking along with the duo. One just pulls the girl aside and the other kicks the old man right on his chest bringing him down. The helpless old man pleads them to leave his daughter. They do not even pay an ear to his plea. Driven by alcohol and mad-man desire, they just beat down the old man till his cry of love stops.

The girl is in total state of shock. Things she never would have even dreamt were happening right in front of her eyes. She was down there, totally helpless. They were five men against her. There was no question of her fighting back. That was simply impossible. There were no heroes down there to fight and save her. They strangled her into the car and sped away. She was forced to succumb. She had no choice.

All those memories just came before her eyes. Her childhood, Her first day in school, her first cycle, her first friend, her birthday celebrations, hangouts, her college days, her first crush, her first proposal, and one person she loved the most in her life; her mother. All those moments of happiness, sorrow, joy and embarrassment flashed before her eyes in a jiffy and vanished. She cried so loud. She fought knowing very well that she was going to lose. She was in total anger with god, for she had done no sin in her life to deserve such a thing.

She had just one thing in her mind when all of this was happening. Just one thought prevailing over everything else. Faith overcoming anger, she made a wish. She wished not for herself but for every other women in this world. She wished that none of them, in their entire life, must go through what she is undergoing right now. She just wished.

When will that humble wish become a reality or will it ever?


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Monday, 22 July 2013


Read E-mails, Post, like, comment and chat on facebook, Tweet to the world and get to know what the world tweets, Skim through the newspapers without actually having one in your hands, run miles and miles and miles and miles by performing just a mere swish of your finger, know the scores, get to know the happenings in  this ever-evolving world. Empowered with the 3G tech and making never imaginable things  possible on that tiny little (Okay, most of the time it’s big) Smart phone of yours. All this is possible, not only because of the courtly cultivated smart phones of today and the blindingly fast 3G network. There is one another major player apart from them, who has made all of this a reality. And that player is named “ANDROID”.

I really can’t, even in the wildest of my dreams predict or foresee, what all I’ll possess, a good twenty years from now. My father never even knew there would be a thing like mobile phones in the future. Common yaar, “How will you carry something as big as a phone (landline) in your pocket??” would have been his immediate thought. Having a landline gave people so much pride amongst their neighbors. It was all banished one fine day, when The ‘Ambani brothers’, the revolutionary men, decided to sell cell-phones the size of a mere visiting card, for a mouth dropping 500 bucks. And like all other successful business biographies this too has got this unanimous last line - “the rest is history”. Almost every single person had a mobile soon. The cell-phone era had just begun. And I guess I was in 5th or 6th grade when all of this happened. So this is how generations have grown- Drastically.  

Travelling with this trend, Some genius, somewhere, had ideas unlike my dad and yours and thus we are having in our hands what are called Smart phones (I was very lazy to google out the inventor of Smart phones, if you by chance know him, then he is that genius I am talking about) This is where our major player comes in. This small green colored droid makes wonders happen to that little device of yours and as a result, it addicts people to it, lures them and bounds them. That’s what technology is doing. Maybe they named it ‘android’ with a cunning wit. Android actually means, robot with a human appearance. The pun here is, we human are those robots. And that’s because, most of us do exactly what it wants us to do; “Use them”. Rightly so, we use them so very well and indeed let us being used by “I don’t know who”. But we all know one thing for sure, We have made android an instant hit.

Of course, it has its own share of advantages. Every technology has. The sad part though is that mostly the disadvantages somehow or the other manages to take over the advantages. The technology is in no way responsible for such an occurrence. It’s we who are making this happen knowing that it is very much happening. If you are someone who owns a smart phone and you are in no way addicted to it, meaning

Ø  You can very well live without your smart phone for just one single day.
Ø  You don’t carry it always with you, wherever you go (if you just know what place I actually mean here)
Ø  You don’t check it every half an hour for a notification from facebook.
Ø  You don’t just take it out of your pocket, unlock it and lock it again, without knowing for what fu*king reason you just did that.

I think satisfying these four conditions will undoubtedly qualify you for the non-addicted list. If you are one such, then, Hats off to you, you are one of a kind.I am pretty sure the ‘non-addicted’ list will have very poor numbers.I personally believe that there is only one way to become a non-addict. And that is, not trying out a smart phone at all in the first place, not even once.

So getting back to the majority addicted fellow mates, to make our life’s much more worse,  there are new mobile phone companies cropping up almost every day. Thanks to Indian politics, At last you have managed to inspire someone. What does a confused humanoid (that’s us) do something at this stage?  
The answer is, ”just sit back and wait till some genius invents something much cooler than this ;)”

Till that stay addicted, or try inventing the cooler one !!

Cheers ;) 

Thursday, 27 June 2013


Holy places of pilgrimage strikingly posing like the remains of a deadly battle, Corpses afloat in the sacred river waters,  Stranded people everywhere,  Rice and Roti being sold at completely in-human prices.  The Helpless government coping up with the job of helping the helpless people, The ever un-lit heroes raising-up to the brave task once again, Those innocent people having a strong delusion of the existence of the almighty, The justifiable questions having no proper answers. All these are a cumulative collections of the much happening part of today‘s India. The Tsunami’s had done this earlier, The Gujarat quakes much before that. This act of god never demands an explanation nor can it be given a fitting one.

Now, Indian politics never fails to put up a great show. And here it is in full swing:

 Mr. Modi is busy  carrying out the Rambo act saving only the Gujarati’s, which is because the congress ruling Uttrakandh’s  CM refuses to accept the rescue helicopters sent by the BJP-ian. And let me make it clear, I am not here supporting BJP or Modi here. I am pretty much sure that they too (BJP’S) would have done the same thing, if say, the floods had occurred in Gujarat. They never have in mind they are Ind-ian’s at the first place. They are politicians, they should never have those feelings.

The silenced headman does what he does best; maintaining the prolonged silence. I hope you would have guessed by now the person I am talking about. The act of condemning an incident is what they all do so damn perfectly, and rightly so is the case here too.

 Ooh !  Common yaar, this is Indian politics. What else do you expect?  

 These men deserve much more than a salute. I don’t know what, but they do deserve something better. The brave acts they pull off to save people they never have met before is nothing but pure love for humanity. Their efforts have always been right up there and they deserve total respect for that alone.The exceptional people in our country are never given the right place they deserve. Be it the farmers who sow and reap under the hot sun, or the jawaans who live out the icy nights camping in virgin lands to protect the million fellow countrymen. They are never given the right place.

The media glare is slowly fading out of this entire issue and they are busy focusing on the humiliating defeat of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federrer and Maria Sharapova, The downfall of the Indian rupee, The  bizarre decision of DMK garnering the support of the congress for the upcoming Rajya Sabha polls and many more.

 Slowly people will start to forget the Uttrakandh floods which is very natural. No matter what, life just has to move on. Before just forgetting and moving forward, one has to imagine for a few minutes the life of all those homeless and landless people.  Even there, life just has to move on. But it is easier said than done. This is where the real help must be given. There are several out there lending out financial help and NGO’s doing the manly service. If not all those, let us at least pray and wish for them a prosperous life and try being human!  

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Schooling is done ! So, What next ??

Please god do bless me, for tomorrow is 9th may, the dreadful day. These recurring words year after year after year, bring about several emotions for the next few days. "Pass" "fail" "toppers" "school" "excited" "unexpected"  "satisfied" "cheerful" "disappointment" "suicide" blah...blah...blah are a great catch in the newspapers for the coming days. All is well until the results are out.

So, what after this ?? What is this utterly nonsensical question you are asking ??? ENGINEERING it is, of course !! This is where almost everyone fails, I being one among those several.

One thing is very clear from this

* All those medical and arts college students, I don't think this piece will be of any use to you.( i doubt if it ll be of use for the rest too ) .So I suggest you just close and continue your work.

For the majority rest:

Engineering degree is almost like a morning newspaper, Almost everyone has one today and anyone can have one tomorrow. Just one major difference, the former comes at an astounding price but values much less, whereas the latter is exactly the opposite. Oh yeah, I get it. It's a bit too exaggerated.

But, the exaggeration is something I was compelled to make. It's the unfortunate reality of today. Engineering is something that's lost it's core purpose today. Most colleges offering engineering courses themselves do not know what engineering is. Pity us, we follow the same path.

 Engineering college is never like how it is in "Minnale" or any other movie and you are no "Madhavan" or "Remma Sen" . That's cinema. It's fake , every single frame of it is. If you have any such idea of a college like that, then it is always one that belongs in your dreams. Engineering colleges of today try teaching you almost everything except engineering. If you are really interested, you have to learn it yourself, and that's how engineering is.

Then comes the biggest foul play - "Placements". This is where your beloved parents fall. A job even before you get your newspaper, err...sorry, your engineering  degree. Well, what's the use of a mechanical or civil engineer getting placed in TCS or CTS ?? That would be the most bizarre thing to happen. But just look at the beauty here, almost no one is bothered. You will be on their payroll for a maximum of 2 useless years of your precious life. After that ?? Well we never want to think about that now.

Take up engineering, not because your friend has, not because there are 500 and odd colleges offering engineering, not because your dad and mum told  you to. Take it up, if you are really interested. And still, you will have to learn it yourself. because that's what it is. And for the rest, there  are tons and tons of things out there. Try out and do things you love to . Photography, journalism, statistics, music, arts, food, travel, writing and there is a long list waiting to be explored. Just two request's

  • Firstly, Don't make any other stuff as famous as engineering of today. Engineering itself is more than sufficient. 

  • Secondly, Don't even try considering cricket as an career option. Almost entire India is playing it today and it's equally dangerous as engineering
Hmm....YOU are absolutely right,  These are exactly what "Aamir Khan" told in "3 idiots" and "Vijay" tried telling in "Nanban". So what new have i done here ?? I have just wasted 5 minutes of your facebook-ing time, trying to tell you things you are very much aware of already. Well, here it is ......

What  if you are not good at anything at all ????  Well, you need not worry, You are a lucky guy.You have this wonderful, priceless path. Jump straight into politics, no turning back, every other guy will be under your control. And how is that possible ??? 

It is because of this simple know worldly fact;

Almost none will do what "Aamir khan" or "Vijay" or several others tried telling .They will nevertheless fall into engineering and you'll most probably be owning an engineering college.....And that's how it is !

 Long live Indian politics - jai hind

Sunday, 17 March 2013


OooH ....What a woman !!!! .....Sexy song on the television...... How much likes would i have got for that pic i uploaded last night ??? ....Will she text me ??  Is He in love ??? How much arrears am i going to end up with ??  What if i am not able to clear them at all ??  ...... Will India win the series ?? Will MAN-U beat REAL MADRID ?? How am i going to convince my dad to get a smartphone ??? How cool 'll it be if i somehow succeed in convincing him ??? Will i ever have a girlfriend ??? What plans this weekend ???
Who's b'day is up next ?? So, Where is the party ?? Which movie this Friday ??? And millions of other such stuffs...

One unknown genius somewhere has deliberately managed to bring all of the above said stuffs under a single, decent, demarcate phrase and entitled it "DISTRACTION" .  Ahhh...GOD !! How much distractions he would have had in achieving this mammoth task, only he knows. Well, I had a bloody lot of distractions before completing the first para itself, Which i think has eventually distracted me to write this piece about that cool guy himself (Mr.Distraction).

Not knowing where to begin and how to begin, i have in some such way completed the first two para's.
So now, lets get into a life of a college going teenager and see how distractions designs his life.

# Getting up extremely early on a Monday morning and without knowing what to do, does everything with such a hurry and  finally misses the bus. What's the bloody distraction here ??? ... Well facebook and late night movies and  are. You feel for it that morning, but it wins you again the following night ! Why not record notes and assignments in that list ??? Well, to answer that, i guess a very few does it the night before.... Class hours are solely meant for it and a majority do it there !

# Entering into college, we try to catch hold in sight, an immensely great looking person of the opposite sex. This one happens very rarely because,  we always find super hot chicks and handsome 6-pac guys in colleges other than ours. So we get satisfied with the "sumaar figures... and soup boys" and go on to the next phase.

# Except for the alien few sitting in the first benches, none have a clue about what is taught in the class. They are engrossed in every other thing. Sometimes even the board, but surely not about the content in it . Mind you,  i said only the aliens in the first benches, So this undoubtedly includes even the lecturer/professor handling the class. It would be quite a lengthy and lazy task to guess what everyone would be thinking. But it would, most of the time, be something i mentioned in the first para..So let's move on...

# In the lunch and tea, we usually discuss about the wandering thoughts we had in class, with our close mates and they their's . After the huge plenteous mid day meal, this is where,  "distraction" loses it's game, however hard it tries. And this is because, Even If your eyes are wide open, you are undoubtedly in deep sleep . This technique is something that's in-born and almost every student is a master. You can be distracted from that state by just one thing - "The electronic bell", which goes off at the end of the after-lunch period.

# After the college hours, the "sumaar figures-soup boys" session repeats itself once again and injects crushes invariably to random guys and girls. As a result of which, Mark Zukerbergh has become one of the richest teen and the popularity of facebook has grown to some unimaginable extent. This phase is very shortly interrupted by dinner and goes on till.....Well it depends on the individual's state. And the whole process repeats itself once again the next day.The cycle test, and the internal exams are definite preys to our protagonist. The semester too sometime succumbs. Still very few care, and rest don't give a shit about it.

Distractions are something inevitable and a life without distractions is actually impossible.They take us further ahead from tough times. They are like pills at at times, they divert us and gives us hope.Distractions are relaxers, They make us tell "there is always a next time". They do good and they F*ck up too. It all happens

This very piece on "distraction" took around 5 distracted hours to get completed and thus proving itself right,  time and again !

Sunday, 10 February 2013


Before even starting to write this peice, i asked myself, "Do I have to spend 3 odd hours and a few units of the abundantly available electricity, to write this piece??" and this silly thought was because, this topic was on it’s maximum high a few days ago. Almost everyone wrote on it, a few cursing, a few praising, and a few even raising up. The facebook news feed’s carried only this. Every top journalist at least mentioned about this somewhere in his post. And of course, the news channels too, were on a total high on this debate, and directly proportional to it was their TRP. Such was the fan following this scenario managed to achieve, and it was solely because of the man behind this issue and his incredible brain. This disturbing thought being on for quite sometime, I just re-collected everything that was hooked up with this issue and decided to go ahead with writing it. One more important factor that made me write this was my “engineering record note”. Just the thought of that made me switch on the computer and open ‘Microsoft word’.

You should have surely guessed by now, if not, then you are most probably some guy from mars or Jupiter.To start with, ‘Vishwaroopam’ befriended ‘cultural terrorism’ on it’s way, before hitting the screens. This unfruitful friendship yielded lots of sour fruits. This friendship was not quite surprising because, controversy is a long time ally of ‘Mr.Kamal Hassan’, the man behind Vishwaroopam. One would be surprised, only if a movie of his, releases without any sort of trouble. Only the form of trouble was the curiosity quotient.

In the past, Cultural terrorism has successfully managed to bring fame to two eminent artists; The late 'M.F.Hussain' and 'Salman Rushdie'. As a result of the latter’s familiarity promotion, a book of his was made into a movie. In our case of discussion here, the protest by self proclaimed minority Muslim groups temporarily managed to “ban” the movie, thanks to the T.N. government. And the reasons they stated, were rightly unknown to themselves. Their only aim was to gain popularity, and they managed to achieve it quite efficiently.

This drama made a few things certain

#  The people of Tamilnadu will always rise up and support a great artist and his creation but never for the electricity required to watch the creation. Of course they ll swear at the theatre operator if a electricity failure interrupts their show. But never beyond that .

#  Politics can test and tease even a man like Kamal Hassan with such ease, So don’t you dare raise your        voice against issues like electricity which are concerned with politics.

# And lastly, Vishwaroopam 2, without any doubt, is going to face it's dose of trouble.As a result, the first two steps are going to be occuring once again.

The best part is, after the high dramatic fight, the result achieved was utter stupidity. A mere few dialogues were muted. And look at the brilliance here, these dialogues were very well known to the public even before watching the film, because the opposition parties told it in every media possible. What’s the point here ??   Don’t think too much, I know you won’t, but still, you can never arrive at a definite answer. Such is the beauty of this very place we live in.

After watching this mind-blowing movie, I was told by a friend of mine to write on it. As a result, I sat out patiently through my 2 hour power cut and ended up with this piece.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

A tribute to God's Own Country !

The lush green mountains, the step terraced farmlands on those mountainous slopes, the narrow winding roads, fog-filled early dawn, leaves with droplets waiting for the warmth of the morning sun, The complete calmness and serene beauty, are all what this human eye could perceive sitting in a car and riding through the roads of god's own country.
It's around 5 in the morning and rolling down of the window, just rewards me with a chill breeze brushing my face violently and sending my hair up, almost immediately. The smell of rain blended with that of the sand and the malayalam language is something that is out of explanation.

On the way further, our car stops for a chayya break. The cold weather makes me shiver and cross-hands,  desperately trying to cover myself from the biting cold wind. There is just this one chayya shop open in the otherwise deserted road and we are the only customers there except for the flock of pigeons coo-ing nearby.
The chai-walla famously known here as nayar , sporting a flat streak of sandal wood paste in his forehead, is briskly onto his work. Few minutes and a couple of cars pass by, before i am handed with a cup of hot tea.My shivering hands desperately hold on to the hot glass . The hot vapor rising from the glass is eaten up by the weather almost instantly and the tea is waiting to be drunk as he too cant stand the cold . The small break ending right there, our car proceeds further. 

The sunrises slowly providing the much-awaited warmth and the vehicle rides past a temple. And thank god for the small traffic, for this is where i witnessed the "bold and the beautiful"; The absolute gorgeous mallu girls in their complete traditional costume. Their wet hair fresh from bath and dark eyeliners are stunning examples of  divine beauty.The men with their silk 'mund' and the 'chandanam' are marvellous examples of masculinity. The entire place was filled up with an incense, for which i could find no words to explain. The heavenly sounds from the traditional instrument "chanda" fills the air with holiness. Time had no mercy for me and was at its maximum pace. The near 5 minute stop had loads of things to be admired and looked upon.
This place is one of nature's pet as it fills everybody with an awe. The roads are always clean, A sight of green almost everywhere, The pride in the people never too high, never too low. 'Respect'- right there and 'humility'- of course, without any doubt. All these delights make me come to this place time and again, and i thoroughly cherish every minute of my presence, in the lap of god's own country !   

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Almost every gen-y  is out there in streets, beaches, clubs… roaming, eating ,boozing, yelling and celebrating the last day of yet another diverse year – 2012. I was not fortunate enough though, this year, as I missed out on this great day. I was surrounded and confined by an usual companion; “boredom”. So I decided to do what I most relish, ‘watching a movie’ and at ease, nicely cushioned in my sofa sans the popcorn. and i was fortunate too, as I ended up watching a good movie.

Movies are something that connects millions of people, so why not I write a post on that??  That’s how this came up .So here you go, The 5 epic fails @ the box office – 2012.


Having a top star, a top director, a top banner, shooting for almost 2 complete years and creating all the hype possible still failed miserably. The Tamil audiences are not such fools and proved the director totally wrong when he thought that, just by naming his lead protagonist with the names of Superstar and Ulaganayagan he could turn his movie into a blockbuster.


Getting inspired metaphorically from it’s own title, The movie is very very very very long and of course boring.  Romance-Fantasy  as it was claimed to be, failed to stir any of those hormones in it’s audience but was able to achieve the impossible and most difficult task – ‘evoking laughter’. At the end of this long movie which seemed almost infinite, the audience laughed at themselves with shame and some with anger for wasting 120 bucks .


 Raging anger expressed in the form of a dance art is called ‘Thandavam’ or ’Rudra Thandavam’. After  completely wasting several hours on  just thinking,  “why such a title for this film” ???, I hardly got even near to the answer. Maybe I am not intellectual enough to understand the director’s view. Well what was very much evident to my not-so-intellectual brain was that, almost everyone who watched the movie were filled with raging anger on the Actor, the Director, a few on themselves and on their friends who compelled and insisted them on watching the movie the very first day. Only later did it strike me that, maybe on knowing such an outcome well in advance, the director might have selected the title. If that be the case, then, hats off !  


This actor has time and again failed at the box-office. Still, this year was quite good for him when compared to the last. And I have made such a statement because, the year before, after tasting success with ‘Ko ‘ he went on to give 3 massive flops; Rowthiram, Vandhan Vendran, Singampuli. And it’s just 1 this year. Yeah yeah yeah….i hear some of you saying, ’hey what about NEP???’ Well it somehow managed to stay out of the top 5 due to some other marvelous contributions.   


This film wins the race undisputedly. Though all the above were strongly contending for the NO.1 spot, leaving me highly confused on finalizing the chronology, this came as a great relief. It was just a desperate attempt in filming. This made me think, if I could even include this film in the list as a 'film' . Then I thought, of course it has to be, films like this will never be made again ( hope so…) . And there is this Actor who thinks his films are super duper hits and he proudly takes the privilege of declaring it himself.

P.S – The views aired above are purely that of the author. If you find any of those unacceptable or totally false, I beg your pardon, you have very bad taste.