Saturday, 11 May 2013

Schooling is done ! So, What next ??

Please god do bless me, for tomorrow is 9th may, the dreadful day. These recurring words year after year after year, bring about several emotions for the next few days. "Pass" "fail" "toppers" "school" "excited" "unexpected"  "satisfied" "cheerful" "disappointment" "suicide" blah...blah...blah are a great catch in the newspapers for the coming days. All is well until the results are out.

So, what after this ?? What is this utterly nonsensical question you are asking ??? ENGINEERING it is, of course !! This is where almost everyone fails, I being one among those several.

One thing is very clear from this

* All those medical and arts college students, I don't think this piece will be of any use to you.( i doubt if it ll be of use for the rest too ) .So I suggest you just close and continue your work.

For the majority rest:

Engineering degree is almost like a morning newspaper, Almost everyone has one today and anyone can have one tomorrow. Just one major difference, the former comes at an astounding price but values much less, whereas the latter is exactly the opposite. Oh yeah, I get it. It's a bit too exaggerated.

But, the exaggeration is something I was compelled to make. It's the unfortunate reality of today. Engineering is something that's lost it's core purpose today. Most colleges offering engineering courses themselves do not know what engineering is. Pity us, we follow the same path.

 Engineering college is never like how it is in "Minnale" or any other movie and you are no "Madhavan" or "Remma Sen" . That's cinema. It's fake , every single frame of it is. If you have any such idea of a college like that, then it is always one that belongs in your dreams. Engineering colleges of today try teaching you almost everything except engineering. If you are really interested, you have to learn it yourself, and that's how engineering is.

Then comes the biggest foul play - "Placements". This is where your beloved parents fall. A job even before you get your newspaper, err...sorry, your engineering  degree. Well, what's the use of a mechanical or civil engineer getting placed in TCS or CTS ?? That would be the most bizarre thing to happen. But just look at the beauty here, almost no one is bothered. You will be on their payroll for a maximum of 2 useless years of your precious life. After that ?? Well we never want to think about that now.

Take up engineering, not because your friend has, not because there are 500 and odd colleges offering engineering, not because your dad and mum told  you to. Take it up, if you are really interested. And still, you will have to learn it yourself. because that's what it is. And for the rest, there  are tons and tons of things out there. Try out and do things you love to . Photography, journalism, statistics, music, arts, food, travel, writing and there is a long list waiting to be explored. Just two request's

  • Firstly, Don't make any other stuff as famous as engineering of today. Engineering itself is more than sufficient. 

  • Secondly, Don't even try considering cricket as an career option. Almost entire India is playing it today and it's equally dangerous as engineering
Hmm....YOU are absolutely right,  These are exactly what "Aamir Khan" told in "3 idiots" and "Vijay" tried telling in "Nanban". So what new have i done here ?? I have just wasted 5 minutes of your facebook-ing time, trying to tell you things you are very much aware of already. Well, here it is ......

What  if you are not good at anything at all ????  Well, you need not worry, You are a lucky guy.You have this wonderful, priceless path. Jump straight into politics, no turning back, every other guy will be under your control. And how is that possible ??? 

It is because of this simple know worldly fact;

Almost none will do what "Aamir khan" or "Vijay" or several others tried telling .They will nevertheless fall into engineering and you'll most probably be owning an engineering college.....And that's how it is !

 Long live Indian politics - jai hind


  1. yeah, engineering colleges in india have become a booming business. Interested students learn and the others get a degree which is what they want..

    1. It sure has ! And that's what happens..