Sunday, 4 August 2013

Are we on a high?

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Dark sky, deserted road, dim street lights, dull stars, slight drizzles, two pairs of legs walking hastily wanting to get back home as soon as possible. There is just this occasional swish of vehicles and the gentle touch of the drizzling rain water blended with the cold wind. The desperate eyes of the ageing man look through those old-fashioned spectacles in shear hope of hailing an auto or bus to head home straightaway. All this tensity and tautness is because of this beautiful young girl by his side, his daughter. The nervousness of the old man is that of every single father in this world.

They are pretty late and they are very much aware of it. The gorgeous girl has this instinctive sense of safety shimmering in her eyes. The presence of her childhood hero right beside her gives her the strength, but the fact that she is no more in her childhood, keeps sending a chill down her spine. Time is moving at snail’s pace and the road ahead looks ever ending.

The beaming headlight of a fast approaching car passes them, comes to a halt and returns back. The stench of booze and cigar fill the air. Fear builds up along with tension and sweating accompanies. They continue to walk as fast as their legs could. The car moves along, keeping pace and the men inside start to verbalise filthy comments on the girl. As feared, the men get down and start walking along with the duo. One just pulls the girl aside and the other kicks the old man right on his chest bringing him down. The helpless old man pleads them to leave his daughter. They do not even pay an ear to his plea. Driven by alcohol and mad-man desire, they just beat down the old man till his cry of love stops.

The girl is in total state of shock. Things she never would have even dreamt were happening right in front of her eyes. She was down there, totally helpless. They were five men against her. There was no question of her fighting back. That was simply impossible. There were no heroes down there to fight and save her. They strangled her into the car and sped away. She was forced to succumb. She had no choice.

All those memories just came before her eyes. Her childhood, Her first day in school, her first cycle, her first friend, her birthday celebrations, hangouts, her college days, her first crush, her first proposal, and one person she loved the most in her life; her mother. All those moments of happiness, sorrow, joy and embarrassment flashed before her eyes in a jiffy and vanished. She cried so loud. She fought knowing very well that she was going to lose. She was in total anger with god, for she had done no sin in her life to deserve such a thing.

She had just one thing in her mind when all of this was happening. Just one thought prevailing over everything else. Faith overcoming anger, she made a wish. She wished not for herself but for every other women in this world. She wished that none of them, in their entire life, must go through what she is undergoing right now. She just wished.

When will that humble wish become a reality or will it ever?


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