Wednesday, 12 December 2012

An Engineering dedication

At last it's sort of over. The bloody 1 month long, blood sucking vampire. The long sleepless nights, followed by grooming up in a record time of less than 15 minutes. The Sudden remembrance of the existence of "gods", their powers, and prayers, in the mere hope of making those powers work.The half asleep morning bus travel, where heads drop down and are up almost immediately with a sigh of frustration and fear. The small chuckles, The window glances with the book wide open facing the bus top. The temporary pause to small chit-chats and gossips, which usually develop into long arguments. All this "once a 6 month torment" is at last over and for the third time. Success or Failure, it's over and done.The hard enduring mission accomplished. 

Well, if you are still not able to guess what this is about, then you are definitely a 9+ G.P.A holder in engineering and Calculus is your first love. I am very sorry to say that, you will find this piece totally fictitious and alien. So please, carry on with your browsing which comprises of 10 minute "fb-ing" and long hours of various, so called "knowledge imparting" websites, of which i have rather very little clue. For the majority others, who have made the biggest mistake of choosing engineering as your life career  and those who are about to choose the same ( unaware of the consequences of course), this piece is a dedication.

The day you are born and diagnosis-ed with a penis, you are an Engineer. If the diagnosis is not the former, then you are a Doctor. The latter doesn't work out in reality as getting a doctor seat today involves humongous monetary fund . So they too unfortunately fall prey to Engineering. A few lucky ones are an exception of course . These lucky ones have realised the truth a little bit earlier and have proved themselves right  by choosing arts, science and to a certain extent deemed engineering colleges and medical course. Once the high school is over, most of us choose engineering . "why "??  Because that's what our seniors did ;  Dat's what majority of people around are doing ; Dat's what, is hyped as the only source for landing up in hefty paying jobs; And the most horrible thing is, when we think that their is a factor of "geth" when we tell to someone "we are Engineers". Whatever be the college you choose, studying Engineering as a life course, that too in a country like India is a total futile and fragile attempt . And the reasons to justify this statement is very simple. "Engineering is completely filled up with unreasonable stuff" . It's completely boring to the core ; The purpose of learning all these will forever remain unknown, but you still got to learn it. You will have no clue what you are learning and most importantly "why" you are learning it. Whatever you do, engineering will win you demoralisingly on maximum occasions . Clearing engineering without a single arrear is itself considered a majestic task and even if you somehow manage to achieve this mammoth task, still your not assured of a  job in your core and you can never dream of high salaries. You will land up in a mere job which will make you feel " was way better" .  Dat's the shear beauty of "Engineering".

The content of this piece thus being told , i was just thinking of how to end it up. A few minutes passed by  and "BEEP" a message came up in my phone . I opened  and it said  "M-3 re-test confirm macha :(  " . 
Engineering triumphs once again !!