Saturday, 14 December 2013

She knows it all....

The time was dusk and the sun was going to perform it’s duty to the other half of the world very punctually as usual. The waves seemed a bit more aggressive than normal and increased it’s aggression as it lost the sun. The sky was bright orange in color, and the colors just scattering away unevenly to give out the dark. The distant ships moving slower than the oldest tortoise and the birds above flying swiftly back home. One another hot sunny day of the monsoon is in the verge of ending. This scene is being witnessed by people from every walk of life. Some people come here without any thoughts and walk back with their heads full, Some people come for joy, Some for sorrow, Some for anger, Some for failure, Some for silence, Some for the air, Some just for a good ride, Some for love and Some even without any specific reason. This place has seen everyone, right from the richest of rich to the poorest of poor.

Just imagine how much she knows ……. she knows that giving lakhs and lakhs of money to a single engineering seat is a total waste and she also knows that people get to know this damn simple straightforward truth only a year after they end up paying that voluptuous amount and never before. Perhaps she even knew about the placement eye wash. Arrrghh!! GOD, A guy today feels on top of the world bagging an IT job which pays him three lakhs per annum. He feels he has at last been recognized for his hard work in learning mechanical engineering for the past four years. Now just hold your breath here, he gets fired at the end of his second year in job, and that is when this great truth dawns on his mind; He has paid six lakhs in cash and four “never-coming-back” years of his life to do what ?? Yes, To earn back the six lakhs his dad paid four years ago. She knows all……

She even knows the exact bank balance of the country’s top most political big-wig, whose house would most probably be facing the sea, somewhere along her long shore. Today’s corruption,the people’s mindset, just almost everything. She also knew for sure that congress would have never won the Delhi elections. Ahh!! That was a cake walk prediction. Almost everyone knew that, even the congress. But even she herself was a little taken aback when congress offered it’s support to the AAP (This, I personally guess, even the congress dint know, till some MP spoke it out without his own knowledge). She has seen all of these dirty politics for years after years. She cried and wept, when her own sons were brutally killed right on her very own lap. She was surging up with anger and could not accept the fact that the tragedy was caused by the same kind (humans). She never understood how the game of politics worked out, where innocent men get killed for selfish reasons of a very few people. She just watched all of this….

She knows that Indian cricket performs drastically well only when it is playing in India. It also knows that people curse the players for their embarrassing ‘away’ loss and forget it the next moment they win a series at home. She is also quite sure that we are never going to win any hockey tournament in the immediate future except maybe if Shah Rukh Khan goes on to make a “Chak-de 2”, or if Rajnikanth decides to play hockey.

She knows that the purest love is that of a mother to her child. She also knows all the just- for- say words of love of others to “woo” and get “wooed”. She knows the love of an old man for his wife.She knows the people’s love for money. She knows the value of money. She knows it’s completely valueless. But she senses that everything happening around is just for this valueless piece of something. And do you know how she knows all this?

It’s because she has laughed with the happy beggar, wept along with the multi-millionaire, lived along with the cherished memories of the dying man and slept listening to the lullaby of a mother.