Sunday, 8 March 2015

Up in the skies ...

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THUD THUD THUD !!!!!  banging and barging came a group of beasts, bearing Kalashnikovs and AK-47 . It was a small single bedroom house with a larger backyard. The walls were laden with several cracks, some of them so deep that, even the slightest disturbance would make them to crumble. The air had an imbibed smell of gunfire and smoke.  Long away somewhere, the sound of a rocket swishing was faintly but frequently heard. Sometimes the sound gained intensity, showing the proximity of the weapon fired. The big burly beast like men stomped all over the house searching for its inhabitants. Having searched the small place thoroughly, two men went to the backyard. They grew impatient by the second and one of them spotted an almost out of sight tiny building nearby. It looked somewhat like a small shed. Breaking in by firing at the latch, they were lecherously happy to find a women furtively hiding behind an old abandoned Plymouth. They looked upon each other gloating. One of them took few long strides and grabbed the woman by her long pony. She wailed helplessly knowing well, what she is about to experience in a few minutes. She joined hands to the one above praying all off this to be just a bad dream that she can wake out of. She was desperately waiting for help that she very well knew would never come. She was dragged out from the shed and into the house. She was thrashed, battered, bad-mouthed and what not. The men were ecstatic. Thad just got their prized catch. They immediately started feasting on her.

From behind a rusted empty oil barrel peeped out a pair of eyeballs filled with fear and tears.  The tiny figure sat with his legs folded up to the chest and hands tightly wound around the knees. His hair was short and shabby. His cheeks were moist from several tears wiped and still pouring out endlessly. He was petrified to move even an inch. He could clearly hear his Mother shrieking and weeping her throat out. He was a small little 5th grader just whimpering helpless without the slightest of clue. He remembered just one thing what is mother said finally “ Sit tight and hide, God will Help”  He obeyed her and waited in the same place for more than 2 hours….


 Dear God,

Ammu ma has told me that you are the protector of the whole earth. She told that you live high up in the sky and you can see everything. We also have lot of photos of you in our house. Yesterday many bad men beat Ammu ma very badly. Ammu ma was crying continuously. It would have caused her lot of pain and I too was very afraid. Ammu ma taught me that beating others is a bad habit and that you will punish the ones who beat. Yesterday when they beat Ammu ma you never came and punished them. Krishna Uncle says you will punish them soon. Krishna Uncle lives in our street and is very nice uncle. He took me to his home from the shed yesterday. The men who beat Ammu ma were not there when Uncle came. I was very very hungry and Janani aunty gave me chappathi and Dal to eat. Both Aarthi akka and Parvathi Akka are also very nice and they played with me.. Uncle is now taking me in a big boat to live in another place called India. Aunty and Akka are also coming with us. He tells that our country is not safe now. I don’t know what happened to my home and school and park. There are many bad men with guns, in jeeps and there is always fire and broken buildings everywhere. I don’t know why all are running are crying in the streets.  They are all getting beatings like Ammu ma I think. I dint go to school also for a long time. I don’t know what happened to my friend Sharan and Mythili ma’am in school. I don’t see them at all.  Arjuna appa went to shop last week to buy me chocolate and he did not come back at all. Krishna uncle says that both Ammu ma and Appa are with you. God, I love them both so much and I miss them a lot. I want to play with Appa. I want Ammu ma to feed me while playing and want to hear her song before sleeping. They also Love me so much God. I think you don’t know about all this. So I am writing you this Letter to tell you. I want to be with them in our home. I want to go to school and play in park in the evening after school. Please give them back to me. I am very sorry if have done any wrong. I will be a good boy from now and will never give trouble to them. I am feeling very sad without them. Please give them to me....


2015  March 1st
Fri 08:45PM

The room was brightly lit and extremely well air-conditioned. "Apppppaaaaa", a shrieking voice completely filled with energy and excitement stormed into the room, banging open the door, in the form of a young eight year old. She came in running, and with a  single leap, hugged on to  her dad, who was seated on the cot beside an old metal suitcase, with an old letter in one hand and his lovely daughter tightly held on the other. The lovely voice slowly whispered,  "Appa, Where is God? Y cant I see him at all?". Tears welled from his eyes, but there was no fear anymore. He gently kissed his daughter, his whole life came before him in a flash and still smiling with tears he said "God lives high up in the skies, Ammu. No one can see him, but he can see us all" 
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Sunday, 4 January 2015


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Kenneth was staring anxiously at his Facebook news feed on the laptop screen. It had nothing to do with the things on his feed. It was the result of a small single green dot beside the magic name Annie Joseph. He was all nerves. He had just sent hey and was glaring at Seen 18:07.First Impression is always the best, his mind quietly kept saying. Kenneth was not the exact playboy material. He was reserved when it came to girls. He dint know to flirt nor did he know to just sweep someone off their feet. He was actually quite inferior. To sum it all, he was no Bradley Cooper. Not even quite near.

Likewise, Annie was not the queen among girls. She had the traditional looks, not exactly the ultra-modern, up-to-date one. She had a subtle elegance for which Kenneth fell. It was not exactly love at first sight. He wasnt that kind of a guy. But something happened when he saw her. Something like a small tickle, a little touch, something very nice. He loved the feeling.

The journey that started with a Hey travelled steadily for several months. He started knowing things about her. Her branch of study, her class, her tastes, likes, dislikes etc. He totally admired her simple yet gorgeous dressing style, felt her smile when it formed a small little dimple for just a micro second, took delight watching her walk though it wasnt the most gracious. The Facebook chat grew and they occasionally started meeting for lunch in college and took walks just rambling about things. He totally loved her small forehead and the way it used to form random patterns when she spoke frantically about something. And.Ahh, the eyes, those pair of dark black pupils just never failed to floor him. He did not know how she felt about him, but his love for her grew leaps and bounds. He learned that she was very traditional, loved her family and would not even think of doing something that might disappoint them. He also realized that she came from an extremely well off family. She had no necessity to work or even study for that matter.

Kenneth was quite the opposite, he wasnt penurious and impoverished, but he could not afford the luxurious life and be carefree about what is next. He had to start supporting his family soon and had to work his ass off for a good few years to get settled with a nice decent setup. Naturally he had his apprehensions. He thought at great lengths about all of these, because he knew she would think about all of this.

Giving himself strength that he would manage whatever may come, he decided to the next big thing. He did not plan anything special. Though they knew each other very well, he had his jitters which are inevitable to every single man who is in the advent of proposing to his lady love. He did not write any special lines to woo her. He did not even plan on the right place. He just waited for the right moment, the time when he felt was right.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, nothing prominently spectacular, just a hot afternoon and they were having lunch. He said Hey Annie and she was busy fighting the noodles that were dangling out of her mouth. She absent mindedly acknowledged him. He again called out her name, for her to raise her head and look at him. She did so and made a cute expression with her eyebrows, unable to talk, signaling him to go on. He casually and calmly told, I think I am in Love with you.paused and with a more firm tone said, No, I actually am pretty sure, I Love You Annie. She was taken aback to hear that all of a sudden out of nowhere, that too in a very inappropriate place. She knew he would propose, but she definitely had no clue that it would be this abrupt. She had never dreamt of a filmy proposal, but also she never imagined it to be in the college canteen while having instant noodles. She definitely liked him, but dint know how to react at that awkward moment. She was just staring at him, and smiled coyly and that said all. Kenneth was ecstatic. He wanted to jump and shout and run till his legs would carry him. Thousands of emotions just rushed to his heart. He felt like he was the happiest person in the entire world at that moment. Everyman feels alike, when his love accepts his love. He was smiling widely, the blush distinctly evident in his bearded face. The Wednesday was still ordinary, but not anymore for Kenneth. He did not know what to do next. He got up all excited and simply left, the blush and happiness completely overflowing. The cute little humble love that just set sail had a steady voyage. They had their own lovely moments, small arguments and silly fights which eventually bonded them more and everything was just perfect...

A year passed by and they were going to finish college in 6 months. The past apprehensions came into thought, not for Kenneth, but for Annie. Some serious talking took place. Annie was very very very sure that their family would not approve of him, the reason being their deeply devout family background. She was also certain that she would be married to, in a couple of years or three, maximum. And that time was definitely not suffice for Kenneth to develop a repute position for himself, to ask her hand in for marriage. These were all very practical issues they were bound to face in the near future. And being the practical couple themselves, they wanted to talk through and arrive at something congenial. This is where they started breaking. Kenneth tried his best to infuse some hope into their withering relationship, but Annie was very pessimistic about the outcome. She thought it was best to part ways now than later. Kenneth pleaded that at least they would give it a try, but Annie wanted to avoid much worse pain later on. Both had their point, in the end Annie succeeded……

 She stopped texting and meeting him, and also asked Kenneth to do the same. He couldnt. How can I ever stop loving a person who meant everything to me, How can anyone do that? He asked himself filled with devastation. He was raged with agony. He had so many questions to which not a single soul had answers. He knew she would feel the Annie. He cried thinking about her and for her. He was mad at her for being a coward but still loved her more than the madness. He was angry at the stars, god and fate. He asked them, Why did u make me see her, fall madly in love with her, her with me? Why did u create some delightful memories that we can never forget? Why are you making us endure such pain? He asked these weeping helplessly..

Few Months Later..

The sultry afternoon sun was slowly descending, kissing bye to yet another selfless day. The partial orange-ish sky, the serene winds, birds scurrying back to their nests and the pale abstract beauty of the pebbles beneath were accompanying Kenneth and the gorgeous lady by his side, as they were strolling in a neighborhood park. They were just taking a walk, a walk filled with tranquil silence. The woman beside Kenneth was the answer for all the questions he asked the stars, god and fate.

She went through everything that Kenneth did the previous year and, so many years prior to this. She had stayed beside him at all times. She laughed with him, shared with him, fought with him, and wept with him. It is just that she never failed to wipe his tears. Kenneth was the same with her. They shouldered along whatever the case might be. Kenneth knew he wouldnt have come out of the mess he was in, if it was not for her.

As he strolled along watching the abstract pebble pathway, Kenneth had no clue about how is fate with Annie would pan out. He did not even think about what the stars had in store, he was much less bothered. But he thanked god from the bottom of his heart, for he knew everyone wouldnt be as lucky as him to be blessed with such a friend, with such a soul mate. They never felt as conventional lovers, but loved each other so much. They were totally selfless, when it came to the other. They were more than friends, they were soul mates.

On that sultry day in the park, Kenneth realized this, Having a soul mate was not always about love and one would find it in friendship too.

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