Sunday, 17 March 2013


OooH ....What a woman !!!! .....Sexy song on the television...... How much likes would i have got for that pic i uploaded last night ??? ....Will she text me ??  Is He in love ??? How much arrears am i going to end up with ??  What if i am not able to clear them at all ??  ...... Will India win the series ?? Will MAN-U beat REAL MADRID ?? How am i going to convince my dad to get a smartphone ??? How cool 'll it be if i somehow succeed in convincing him ??? Will i ever have a girlfriend ??? What plans this weekend ???
Who's b'day is up next ?? So, Where is the party ?? Which movie this Friday ??? And millions of other such stuffs...

One unknown genius somewhere has deliberately managed to bring all of the above said stuffs under a single, decent, demarcate phrase and entitled it "DISTRACTION" .  Ahhh...GOD !! How much distractions he would have had in achieving this mammoth task, only he knows. Well, I had a bloody lot of distractions before completing the first para itself, Which i think has eventually distracted me to write this piece about that cool guy himself (Mr.Distraction).

Not knowing where to begin and how to begin, i have in some such way completed the first two para's.
So now, lets get into a life of a college going teenager and see how distractions designs his life.

# Getting up extremely early on a Monday morning and without knowing what to do, does everything with such a hurry and  finally misses the bus. What's the bloody distraction here ??? ... Well facebook and late night movies and  are. You feel for it that morning, but it wins you again the following night ! Why not record notes and assignments in that list ??? Well, to answer that, i guess a very few does it the night before.... Class hours are solely meant for it and a majority do it there !

# Entering into college, we try to catch hold in sight, an immensely great looking person of the opposite sex. This one happens very rarely because,  we always find super hot chicks and handsome 6-pac guys in colleges other than ours. So we get satisfied with the "sumaar figures... and soup boys" and go on to the next phase.

# Except for the alien few sitting in the first benches, none have a clue about what is taught in the class. They are engrossed in every other thing. Sometimes even the board, but surely not about the content in it . Mind you,  i said only the aliens in the first benches, So this undoubtedly includes even the lecturer/professor handling the class. It would be quite a lengthy and lazy task to guess what everyone would be thinking. But it would, most of the time, be something i mentioned in the first para..So let's move on...

# In the lunch and tea, we usually discuss about the wandering thoughts we had in class, with our close mates and they their's . After the huge plenteous mid day meal, this is where,  "distraction" loses it's game, however hard it tries. And this is because, Even If your eyes are wide open, you are undoubtedly in deep sleep . This technique is something that's in-born and almost every student is a master. You can be distracted from that state by just one thing - "The electronic bell", which goes off at the end of the after-lunch period.

# After the college hours, the "sumaar figures-soup boys" session repeats itself once again and injects crushes invariably to random guys and girls. As a result of which, Mark Zukerbergh has become one of the richest teen and the popularity of facebook has grown to some unimaginable extent. This phase is very shortly interrupted by dinner and goes on till.....Well it depends on the individual's state. And the whole process repeats itself once again the next day.The cycle test, and the internal exams are definite preys to our protagonist. The semester too sometime succumbs. Still very few care, and rest don't give a shit about it.

Distractions are something inevitable and a life without distractions is actually impossible.They take us further ahead from tough times. They are like pills at at times, they divert us and gives us hope.Distractions are relaxers, They make us tell "there is always a next time". They do good and they F*ck up too. It all happens

This very piece on "distraction" took around 5 distracted hours to get completed and thus proving itself right,  time and again !