Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Almost every gen-y  is out there in streets, beaches, clubs… roaming, eating ,boozing, yelling and celebrating the last day of yet another diverse year – 2012. I was not fortunate enough though, this year, as I missed out on this great day. I was surrounded and confined by an usual companion; “boredom”. So I decided to do what I most relish, ‘watching a movie’ and at ease, nicely cushioned in my sofa sans the popcorn. and i was fortunate too, as I ended up watching a good movie.

Movies are something that connects millions of people, so why not I write a post on that??  That’s how this came up .So here you go, The 5 epic fails @ the box office – 2012.


Having a top star, a top director, a top banner, shooting for almost 2 complete years and creating all the hype possible still failed miserably. The Tamil audiences are not such fools and proved the director totally wrong when he thought that, just by naming his lead protagonist with the names of Superstar and Ulaganayagan he could turn his movie into a blockbuster.


Getting inspired metaphorically from it’s own title, The movie is very very very very long and of course boring.  Romance-Fantasy  as it was claimed to be, failed to stir any of those hormones in it’s audience but was able to achieve the impossible and most difficult task – ‘evoking laughter’. At the end of this long movie which seemed almost infinite, the audience laughed at themselves with shame and some with anger for wasting 120 bucks .


 Raging anger expressed in the form of a dance art is called ‘Thandavam’ or ’Rudra Thandavam’. After  completely wasting several hours on  just thinking,  “why such a title for this film” ???, I hardly got even near to the answer. Maybe I am not intellectual enough to understand the director’s view. Well what was very much evident to my not-so-intellectual brain was that, almost everyone who watched the movie were filled with raging anger on the Actor, the Director, a few on themselves and on their friends who compelled and insisted them on watching the movie the very first day. Only later did it strike me that, maybe on knowing such an outcome well in advance, the director might have selected the title. If that be the case, then, hats off !  


This actor has time and again failed at the box-office. Still, this year was quite good for him when compared to the last. And I have made such a statement because, the year before, after tasting success with ‘Ko ‘ he went on to give 3 massive flops; Rowthiram, Vandhan Vendran, Singampuli. And it’s just 1 this year. Yeah yeah yeah….i hear some of you saying, ’hey what about NEP???’ Well it somehow managed to stay out of the top 5 due to some other marvelous contributions.   


This film wins the race undisputedly. Though all the above were strongly contending for the NO.1 spot, leaving me highly confused on finalizing the chronology, this came as a great relief. It was just a desperate attempt in filming. This made me think, if I could even include this film in the list as a 'film' . Then I thought, of course it has to be, films like this will never be made again ( hope so…) . And there is this Actor who thinks his films are super duper hits and he proudly takes the privilege of declaring it himself.

P.S – The views aired above are purely that of the author. If you find any of those unacceptable or totally false, I beg your pardon, you have very bad taste.