Sunday, 7 September 2014


Akil, Inga va da (come here) shouted his mother on top of her voice for the umpteenth time, from inside the kitchen. It was probably the second or third time did Akil actually hear that feeble squall. He never paid much heed to his mother’s call. He was busy playing with the wet soil in the garden, which was a result of yesterday’s rain. He was in his own fantasy world, talking and playing with his mini sand creations, which existed only in his world.
Akil is 5 years old. He is this cute, chubby little guy, whose cheeks, almost everyone, wants to pull and which when done, frustrated Akil every single time. He was the kind of kid, who no one could even have the slightest thought of hating. It was a Thursday and all schools were declared holiday because of yesterday’s torrential downpour. Akil was one among several thousands of students, who were extremely delighted due to the day off. Even though he is just five, and doesn’t have even the slightest clue of how it rains. He knew for sure that, heavy rain could get him a day off from school and he could play with those wet soil in his garden, which he loves doing. He looked up at the sky, time and again, innocently hoping, whoever is up there would pour out water again, tonight.
His mother’s umpteenth call almost doubled and Akil finally heard it for a good enough fifth time. He got up to leave inside with a smirking face. He strolled into the house leisurely looking for his mom. Those small feet and even smaller palms were full of dirt and he kept moving around unmindful of all that. He finally found his mother in the Bedroom and he went near her. The very second his mom laid eyes on him, did it strike him suddenly, that he should go and get himself cleaned real soon. And as the thought came rushing through, he just saw his thought transforming into words, which came right out from his mothers mouth. This was exactly what he dint want to happen. He sheepishly ran into the washroom and started playing with the water there, repeating the first two lines of his current favorite song.
The phone rang and his mother picked up, while Akil came running behind creating footmarks all the way….
The ground was sordid with blood stains. For as long as the straining eyes could see, there was no pleasant scene. It was nothing short of complete chaos. He was laid on the ground, hurt, bullet wounded, bleeding and hoping for help or quick death. No man who is afraid of death can make for a good soldier and he was one hell of army man. His eyes pleaded the mind that it shall be closed but the mind resisted. He hoped help would come, but soon realized it was too late. He saw buildings ablaze, some partially worn down and the rest hanging on without any bolster. He saw so many bodies like his, just lying there like garbage. After few minutes, he saw people emerge out of their half dazed houses. He realized it was ceasefire and also knew he couldn’t be saved even if help arrived any soon. He saw people wailing, and praying god with mixed emotions of pique and despair. He saw people yelling out for their loved ones. Some were pulling out people from under mounds of debris. Some were carrying their wounded loved ones on their back. They helplessly longed for medical help which they never got. He seriously doubted the existence of god, for he firmly believed no one could just look at those completely lost people and simply do nothing.
He was seeing the battle ground as his end was nearing. He remembered all that he was as a kid, as a teenager, his decision to join the army, families retaliation, his training camp, the pleasure and pride he got when he said he was a comrade-in-arms fighting for the country, and finally his family. He envisioned his lady love for one last time. He vividly remembered the scene, when he held his baby boy in his hands and decided to name him Akileshwar(King of all) . Inadvertently, tears started pouring down his cheeks. He knew quite well those tears were not due to the bullet. These were something else. A juxtapose of thoughts, emotions and memories just appeared before him and for all of which his tears were the only answer.
Akil came running and hugged his mother from behind and asked if it was his dad. Tears just flowed down his mothers cheeks. She didn’t know what to tell him. All of a sudden her entire life lost its meaning. Akil saw his mom crying. He obviously had no clue of what was happening and suddenly his attention shifted outside, as rain apologetically poured down for innocent Akil….

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