Saturday, 18 January 2014


He wore a pure white shirt and dark blue denims. He was about five foot eight inches. He had a broad forehead, clear face, dense hair which danced up and down as he walked forward. The light beard left untrimmed was distinctly visible on his wheatish skin. He was walking towards her. It was Shiv. “How could I ever forget that face?” She thought. He kept coming closer and closer and her nervousness grew with every step of his. She could feel her heart beat climb. It was quite fast and out of her control. Finally he was there, right in front of her. There was less than a foot’s distance between them. He caught hold of his breath. He was rock solid, muscular and well built. He had some kind of magic spell that his eyes alone spoke. With that magical spell, he looked into her eyes and she was completely lost. “Every girl would be”, she thought. He came as close he can, and there was no more room. Anxiety spread like a fire inside her and she was almost out of breath. She just loved his presence more than anything else, even more than her own self. What she feels like when she is with him is like how the sky feels, when the sun kisses her good morning every dawn. Only the sky knows how it feels. It’s the same here. It is not something to be written, read and comprehended. It has to happen to you, to know what it is. “It’s amazing just to have the feeling”, she thought to herself.  He gave her so that much. He too felt the same with her. His life, after it became theirs, had a lot of change. He was madly in love and did everything for her.

Shiv just leaned forward and gently kissed her on her forehead and that very instant, waves of mixed emotions just ran all over her body. He came further down and her phone rang. She pushed him away mischievously and attended the call.It was her mom and she had to leave...

Soon they were cruising on Shiv’s bike. The evening air just rushing through her duppatta covered face. She hugged him tight and chatted all way through.  He used to pick her from work almost every single day and they would go somewhere or he would just drop her near her house. They worked in different offices, but on the same complex. That’s how love nurtured. The complex was the trump card to the cupid win.

It was just another fine day and they went to a small park nearby, their  favo spot among all other places, just to spend some time together  filled with silly chatting(s) , small fights and  lots of love. Their wave lengths matched in perfect frequency.

Shiv  told her that he had to make a presentation  of his new marketing strategy in a conference this weekend in Banglore and that,  if it gets a good response from the company heads, his promotion would soon be on the cards. She got excited on hearing the news and wished him all luck. She knew how eagerly he waited for this day. She wanted to be beside him on the big day and he also wished the same. She made some excuse at home and they were all set to leave the following Friday night.

It was Friday evening and she was getting her things packed.  The land line in her house rang and her mother picked the call. Soon, she yelled her daughter’s name aloud and was in total tears. She took over the phone and learned that her father had met with a tragic accident and was admitted in ‘Govt General Hospital’. She was in total shock. This news came from out of the blue. She was perplexed and knew she could not go with Shiv. She immediately hailed an auto and rushed to the hospital along with her mother. On her way, she called Shiv and told him what happened. He said he would be there in no time. She talked him through and told him not to come. She politely told him to relax and that she would take care of everything. He wouldn't budge, and he came to the hospital before her. She introduced him to her mom as her friend. “Ahh…What a time for introducing her man” she thought. The condition of her father was critical and they decided to shift him to a private hospital for better treatment.

She finally managed to convince Shiv  to go to Banglore. She managed this by threatening him, saying that it will be the end of their relationship, if he doesn’t make it to the conference. She dint want him to miss this opportunity. He knew it was a loving threat and finally gave in. He walked down the ramp to the exit. He stopped, and turned to wave her bye and she looked into his magical eyes lovingly and said to it that she would handle everything. He hated himself for leaving her in such a bad time.

He boarded the train on time and spoke to her frequently on the status of her father. She had transferred him to a private hospital and he was responding well to the treatment given. He was relaxed on hearing . She was too tired and slept the night off in the hospital. The following day, she got up and checked on her father, He was still unconscious. She checked her phone, No texts. She just let it pass and came to the waiting hall in the hospital. The television had “Times Now” running and she was least interested to know what was happening in the world around her. She thought of grabbing a coffee and went to the canteen. She settled on a chair and started sipping her coffee. The television had the same channel running and she was left with no choice but to watch that.

She saw the headlines and was for a second taken aback. She looked engrossingly on the television screen for some time. And then, she just prayed to god that whatever she was seeing was false. She could not help, it all has already happened.  All the A/c compartments of the train that left to bangalore the previous night had been caught in fire due to some short circuit and the coaches were completely burned down. The survivors were none as the incident took place in the night and almost everyone were asleep to realize they were on fire. The rescue operations were going on full swing and no survivors were found till then.

Her eyes were fixed on to the screen. She couldn’t believe all off this was happening. She was depressed, lost, sad, and angry. Tears flowed down her eyes unknowingly. She had lost all hope. The world around her ceased to exist and she fell down then and there. She was rushed to the general ward and administered drips.

She felt a hand touch her shoulder. She opened her eyes to face the textured blue color wall. She turned to look at the clock. It was 4:05 AM. She heard a soft voice “Hey Shivangali, Are you all right?”.  She then gently removed his hand from her shoulder and turned back. ” I am fine Arun” she said. She turned right to see her 2 year old son sleeping innocently. She then got down from her bed for some water. While walking, these words of Shiv was just lingering in Shivangali’s mind “Whatever happens, Life has to go on”. She drank some cold water and looked into a wall hanging picture of her hubby and her son; One amazing reason for which she is still breathing in this world. She thought about destiny and how cruel god was with Shiv and, she hated God for that. Once again those words lingered in her mind “Whatever happens life has to go on…” 

She got up, went back to bed and lay awake till the sun rose, for she knew a wonderful day was waiting for her as it had begun with a wonderful person...

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