Saturday, 18 August 2012


It is a common sight now - negligence. Not an issue at all, on most probable instances . It has taken an uproot slowly and steadily into all possible routes of almost all available practices today .Even the thought of negligence has been neglected . A person talking about such things is branded "impractical , crazy , half-baked and other such adjectives available in vocabulary. 

Negligence - it's become as trivial as a mobile phone to a man is .

 As the apparent Einstein's prediction goes :  "the death of entire species of honey bees as a result of extensive usage of the mobile phone which leads to the death of entire human race, exactly four years later",   has been neglected as " Not going to happen for now " . This might seem  utterly impossible now .  My grandfather, in his childhood days, would not have even had the slightest idea of a technology like the "mobile phone" but he is having and using a  handy one today . Thanks to  "Apple" , "Samsung" and to the ever growing mobile phone manufacturing companies. So even the Einstein's apparent theories might come true one tragic day .  

coming back to the topic.....
The negligence of an insane van driver having an opening,  as big as a monsoon time potholes found in our very own roads,  right in the walking platform of the van is totally ridiculous,  yet a fact !  The idea of covering it with a tyre is shear stupidity ..... The ever pampering  parent who is always ready for a silly shout with the van driver for dropping off their kid at the street corner , has no botherance about the huge hole that directly opens to the ground below . Neither are the school supervisors who are busy "gossiping" at P.T rooms which are solely built and now found in very few schools for this alone ! The R.T.O is all time busy ,counting notes, granting F.C's and license to even blind persons provided they are ready to spend a few thousands. He has absolutely no time to carry out this giant task : "inspection" .. I doubt , whether rto's these days, even have a clue of what this word means ! 

The negligence of a swimming coach, who's much bothered about almost everything other than his job as a coach....The laxity of a building contractor , his highly influential boss ...and the carelessness of the the public  . All of these have lead to the highest level of consequences : " The death of human lives" . 

Even the law on "negligence of duty" has been forgotten until our protagonist claimed a few lives very recently . Every television news channel started talking about this and newspapers wrote on this . The monetary funds released as a token of condolence is just an escape strategy of the government and is of very little value . As Mr. Kamal Hassan says "marakaromo illayo .....marandhirom" ( fogive or not, we forget ! ) . All this will be forgotten very soon .  

 Right from the negligence of the  usage of mobile phone and the ever raising global warming issues,  which are going to have no immediate critical effect on mankind -to- the negligence of persons mentioned above and almost every other male/female which includes even me , have directly or in-directly been the cause for several unfruitful consequences.

The sad demise of small school going children in the past month,  who are in no way even near to the "r" of "responsibilty" made me write this article , which is also going to be neglected in a matter of minutes after one reads it .

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